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3D printing

CNC machine winner of the instructables CNC contest

How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily) - More DIY How To Projects

complete pdf here, plans here

an other winner of the instructables CNC contest

Easy to Build Desk Top 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine - More DIY How To Projects

Easy to build CNC Mill Stepper Motor and Driver circuits - More DIY How To Projects

CNC Mill stepper motor and driver circuit, pdf

OLPC machine

30 watts laser table


" the two programs most commonly used are Mach 2 (and Mach 3) and TurboCNC. Mach runs in Win XP and 2000, TurboCNC runs in DOS. There is also EMC which runs in Linux. Usually (there are other methods) the controller receives step and direction pulses through the parallel port from the control program, and then uses those pulses to step the motors. The control program reads G-code, which is pretty much the standard format. Xylotex and Geckodrives (both are stepper controller boards)"

"CamBam is an application to create CAM files (gcode) from CAD source files or its own internal geometry editor. CamBam has many users worldwide, from CNC hobbyists to professional machinists and engineers."

complete sources to begin with: http://www.cncroutersource.com/homemade-cnc-router.html / http://hackedgadgets.com/2007/06/21/home-made-cnc-machine/ / http://www.geocities.com/pfaudette/CNC_Router.htm


more to come ...